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G Micro Snoop Dogg | The Tobacco Heating System - Vaporizer

3,900 ₽
  • Brand: Grenco Science
  • Product Code: G Micro Snoop Dogg Вапорайзер для масел
  • Availability: In Stock

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Vaporizer Snoop Dogg G Micro from the producer Grenco Science in the collection with the world famous rapper Snoop Dogg.
The device is used for evaporation of essential oils and concentrates.
We draw your attention to the fact that this vaporizer is not intended for use with dry herbs and standard liquids for electronic cigarettes!
G Micro - light, discreet, pocket. This is one of the most miniature vaporayzerov in the market. The compactness itself is the main advantage of this vaporizer - no larger than a lighter, it fits easily in your jeans pocket or purse.
The MicroG vaporizer perfectly fits in the hand, thanks to its miniature dimensions - its length is about 10 cm and the thickness is less than 2 cm.
Snoop Dogg MicroG has a very extensive list of advantages - It is stylish, compact, easy to use and reliable device for every day. You can always take it with you and enjoy a positive and harmless vapors.

The Micro G is supplied in a stylish palm-sized case that allows you to take it anywhere with you, putting in your pocket pants, purse or bag.
The case is decorated with the inscription "Snoop Dogg" and the G Micro logo.

G Micro consists of three parts: a mouthpiece, a battery pack and a replacement chamber with a heating element.
The button is decorated with the initials "SD" (Snoop Dogg).

G Micro Snoop Dogg is quite simple to operate:

1. Screw the camera with the heating element to the battery pack
2. Add essential oil or concentrate (the vaporiser must be switched off before)
3. Close the camera with the lid-mouthpiece
4. Activate Micro G by pressing the button five times
5. Done! Now pressing the button you can vape

G Micro package:

- Rechargeable battery microG
- Mouthpiece microG Mouthpiece
- 2 replaceable cells with heating element
- USB charging cable for microG
- Cleaning tool
- Stylish carrying case


- Material: metal
- Height: 10 cm
- Width: 2 cm
- Color: Black 

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