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First and №1 in Russia

All accessories and devices presented in our store have received worldwide recognition among thousands of customers and are delivered directly to us from Switzerland, Germany, the USA and India. We buy the best bongos in Moscow, pipes, vaporizers, hookahs, tuning for pipes and bongs, rasta clothes, accessories and souvenirs. Many products from Indica are not represented in other stores. We offer only exclusive and expensive smoking accessories from Weed Star, Pro Smoker, Earth Spirit Dragon Bong, Black Leaf, Blaze glass, Storz & Bickel, Iolite and other world leaders. Since its inception since 2004, we have processed more than 15,000 orders and delivered more than 30,000 bongs and pipes all over Russia, now the Indica store in Moscow. 4:20 pm

Our mission

Creating the first Internet shop for smoking accessories in Russia, we set a goal - to change the world of smoking accessories, we offer water filtration systems for smoke - bongos and tobacco heating systems - vaporizers, which reduce the harm from tobacco use.
Members of our team choose only the best and most advanced devices from around the world, which then fall into the assortment of the online store. In the catalog you will not find 90% of the goods presented in ordinary tobacco or bong stores. It is the careful selection of the assortment of goods that allows us to be No. 1 among the other Head Shops, which sell everything and everything, sometimes without thinking about the advisability of selling some kind of smoking and wipe devices.

We control the quality of the goods - you will be 100% satisfied.

What devices fall into our catalog

We carefully test and think about whether it makes sense to offer a specific device to our customers. Thanks to this approach, more than 70% of devices do not fall into our assortment. Accordingly, the catalog already presents the most advanced devices, you, as an end customer, can only make a choice among the best smoking and wipe. This approach will save your time and you will be satisfied in any case.

Our contacts

Phones: +7 (999) 82-10-420 | +7 (985) 19-444-16
Address: Moscow, Prospect Mira 112, metro station Alekseevskaya

Our details

I.P. Zakirov Timur Rashitovich
OGRN / BINDING: 307744704600052
INN: 744718178465
Current account: 40802810700000019268 in
BIC 044525974
Corr./account 30101810145250000974

Internet address of the terms of the user agreement: http://indica.ru/user_cond

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We add to the catalog only the best and exclusive smoking accessories.

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