What is a bong?

What is a bong?

What is a bong?

BONG is an accessory for smoking that cools and filters smoke, allowing it to pass through a liquid (usually water) before you breathe it. If you can "bite" something, then you can browse through Bong.

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Although Bongs are of different shapes and sizes, and each has its own characteristics and quirks, all bongos have one principle of work.

Tobacco is placed in a cap (bowl) - 3, which is located at one end of the tube (section) - 4, the end of the section is immersed in a sealed cavity half filled with liquid.

Turbo-hole-2 during smoking is closed with the thumb of the hand, it serves to empty the bong at the end, and also makes it possible to dilute the thick smoke with air during smoking, thereby allowing any tightness to be tightened, with proper use of this hole, you can achieve interesting results . To the mouthpiece - 1 you lean directly with your lips to inhale the smoke or steam that traveled from the hood, through the liquid through the bonga mine and finally got to the mouth;)

In order to diversify your smoking, you can experiment with the liquid to fill Bong. Fill the bong with cold water - this will make your puffs more saturated, pour in ice - and it will fill the smoke with unusual cool ease (not all bongs are designed to smoke through ice), wine - will give smoke an unusual flavor, cognac - will fill the smoke with vapors of alcohol - which gives a double effect, absinthe - will leave an indelible impression of smoking for the rest of your life.

Homemade Bong from a Bottle

The materials used to make a homemade bong are usually handy, which means they can not withstand prolonged use, and are often toxic! You need to be aware of the properties of the materials that you use. For example, a plastic bottle in the role of a device and aluminum foil as a hood emits poisonous vapors when heated. These fumes are many times worse for your lungs and health than tobacco or any other substances for smoking.

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