Обзор G Pen Elite

Обзор G Pen Elite

Обзор G Pen Elite

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Grenco Science presents G Pen Elite - the first model of the "G Pen" (not counting the G Pro) in the updated series. This vaporpair is specially designed for heating tobacco and dry aroma of herbs. 
Our first thoughts were on how to compare it with the updated G Pro Pro, and what do you get for a little more than the original design? Let's go deeper into the review of the new device and see what the scientists from Grenco Science have prepared ...


G Pen Elite does not really look like anything else on the tobacco and vaporizer heating systems market, but it's similar to what you normally use for shaving-an electric shaver). Engineers of Grenco did not do a small job and did actual research to create this device, unlike the previous line. G Pen comes in black and has a sleek, modern look. The heating chamber is narrow and deep, and it seems that they took a few ideas from the design of Pax vaporisers. Due to the brightness of the display, the screen is easy to read. G Pen Elite conveniently lies in the hand and has a light weight.

Build quality

Like many portable vaporizers, GPen Elite does contain plastic components, but Grenco claims that they are made from food, heat-resistant plastic, whatever that means. The tobacco chamber is made of glossy, glass-like type ceramics, and the rest is made of aluminum alloy and silicone. G Pen Elite has a monolithic design without moving elements, even when you shake it. (Except for the sound of the button reel). In general, GPen Elite has a very good design, like other vaporayzery from Grenco Science released earlier. (I still use Snoop Dogg G Pro, which I bought two years ago to this day).

Heating quality

In fact, the quality of the steam is excellent. It seems that the ceramic chamber perfectly copes with its function when it comes to evaporation of steam from tobacco. G Pen Elite evenly heats the tobacco and, it seems to us, conveys an amazing taste. Maybe not right away, but as soon as you pair it after the first session or two, you will get some extra flavors from G Pen Elite.

Ease of use

G Pen Elite is about as convenient as PAX 2 and even G Pro. An even larger tobacco chamber gives you a longer time of use before refilling, and I got about 2 full steaming cycles with one packaged camera, at a temperature of about 210 degrees. The size and weight of the G Pen Pen Elite makes it easy to carry it with you in your pocket or bag. 

Is there a better temperature for soaring? 

The ability to adjust the temperature can be positive for some people, but for us, the optimal temperature is 210 degrees. Sometimes we use the maximum 220 degrees at the very end of the session. G Pen Elite is charged with a standard micro-USB cable. And best of all its power is transmitted after full charge! Like many modern vaporayzerov, it turns off automatically after about five minutes. It is not very convenient that you must hold the button for five seconds after turning on the G Pen to start the heating. It's clear that it takes only a few seconds, but in some cases it can be very annoying!

Price quality

For your money, you will get much better quality, compared to G Pro, approximately at the level with the PAX 2 and even PAX 3. In addition to research and development of this product, you pay extra money for the best taste, a larger tobacco chamber, longer time battery operation and an excellent LED screen with temperature and battery indication. And this, you will agree, is a lot of improvements in comparison with G Pro , not to mention the fact that G Pen just looks good. Probably in Grenco Science they saw how widely popular is the PAX vaporizer and created a product that will compete with it in performance, at almost half the price! It is very interesting to see how this will affect the market for heating systems for tobacco.

If you want to buy Pax, but you do not like its price tag, be sure to look towards G Pen Elite - Buy Vaporizer G Pen Elite