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Glass Bong Weed Star Seven Eleven 2.0 ↕40 cm

3,900 ₽
  • Brand: Weed Star
  • Product Code: Стеклянный ICE бонг
  • Availability: In Stock

Tags: Bong, glass, percolator, weed star, Pyrex Glass, buy Bong, WS-Line

A glass bong with an inclined Bend shape and a ball-shaped base with the ability to use ice.

Bong Weed-Star Seven Eleven 2.0 has a height of 40 cm, a diameter of 5 cm, a glass thickness of 5 mm and is made of high-quality borosilicate glass Pyrex Glass. The bong has a 12cm thin section with a connecting diameter of 18.8 mm and a bowl with a connecting diameter of 18.8 mm.

The base of the bong made in the form of a ball, which allows you to pour a lot of liquid. The bonga mine has an inclined shape Bend for more convenient use. The Bong has Stripes protrusions to hold the ice inside.

Just above the ball in the base on the bonga mine is a pipe-hole for the quick emptying of the bong from the smoke. The mouthpiece adjacent to the mouth is in the form of an Inner Glass Ring and has a blue color.

The bong is marked with a blue Weed Star logo.

Characteristics of the bong:

Height: 40 centimeters

Diameter: 54 mm

Wall thickness: 5 mm

Bowl: Classic with 18.8 mm

Shelf: 12cm with 18.8 mm joint

Material: Pyrex Glass Borosilicate Glass

Percolator: No

Holder for ice: Yes - Stripes

Diameter of the base: 12 cm

Turbo-hole: Yes

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