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Hookah Zumo Inclusion ↕65 cm

3,990 ₽
  • Brand: ZUMO
  • Product Code: Кальян
  • Availability: In Stock

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Popular inexpensive model Zumo Inclusion (Zumo Inclusion) on the carving. The shaft is fixed to the flask with the help of thread, so the hookah can be worn behind the shaft.

The flask is made of thick glass and it is very sturdy, has a recess for lighting, which can be bought additionally.

The mine is made of two alloys, the lower tube is made of stainless steel, the upper one is D16T. This allows the hookah to live longer and not rot.

Completion of hookah Zumo Inclusion:

• Glass Flask

• Mine

• Hose

• Clay cup

• Forceps

• Box with handle

• Height 65 cm

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