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Designer hookah Wookah Teak ↕64 cm

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The most popular hookah from the entire line of Wookah is the Teak model. It is made of the Tika wood, one of the most difficult to process. Tika wood has tannin and silicon acid, this is one of the distinctive features that makes the breed the most durable and resistant. The color is variated from yellow to dark brown, sometimes with dark olives - with brown or black stripes.

Distinctive features of this model:

•The Cristal flask is a textured carved flask made of glass with an admixture of lead, which puts it on the transparency and appearance in line with the crystal. The bulb is heavy and weighs about 2 kg, silicone "legs" are attached to the flask, preventing unpleasant strokes of the heavy hookah on the surface.

• All the technological elements of the hookah are made of stainless steel, and only the central part is made of wood

• It belongs to the category of hookahs with classical (traditional) traction

• The flask has a threaded connection to the shaft

• A small valve, with a sharp blow, there is a risk of cup pouring

• The hose is fixed in the hookah port thanks to two silicone O-rings

• Use two valves at once for more efficient purging

• The possibility of using two hoses at the same time (sold separately)

Characteristics of hookah Wookah Teak:

• Made of Iroko African Oak

• Fastening the bulb on the thread

• Weight about 4 kg

• Classic traction

• Height without cup: 64 cm

• Height with cup: 68 cm

• Metal parts are made of stainless steel

Hookah Wookah comes in the original box. The kit includes only the hookah with a bulb and one seal for the hose.

In order to get a full hookah ready for work, you need to complete this model with a bowl, a hose and optional Heat Keeper or Kaloud Lotus if you do not want to use the foil.

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