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Soft Smok VG 304 (mine) ↕56 cm

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  • Brand: Soft Smoke
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Hookahs come from the northern capital, they have a stainless steel shaft and a caprolon base. Soft Smoke is better known for making many Russian brands to order. Manufacture of medical devices and military industry.

Soft Smok VG 304 is one of the most affordable models of the company. It has a stainless steel shaft, a comfortable saucer and a diffuser for silent smoking. In addition, you can pick up the flask. Approaches the flask with a diameter of the neck - 43-45 mm, height of the flask 25-26 cm.


All the main elements of the hookah are made of stainless steel AISI304.

Decorative overlay duralumin D16T, covered with powder paint.

Plastic diffuser

The pull is average between classic and light.

A good purge is provided by a valve with six holes of 3 mm.

The flask is completely cleaned of smoke.

Reliable hose attachment to the shaft is borrowed from the medical field.

The Luer-lock system is very convenient and easy to use.


Saucer in stainless steel with a diameter of 205 mm

Length of the shaft: 560 mm

Inside diameter of the shaft: 12 mm

Height from flask: 360 mm

Height with flask: 640 mm

The kit includes:


Saucer stainless steel

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