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PAX 2 Gold Vaporizer - Tobacco Heating System

15,990 ₽
  • Brand: PAX
  • Product Code: Вапорайзер
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PAX 2 - iPhone among heating systems,

PAX2 is an innovative tobacco heating system

The new PAX2 has a number of significant advantages over its predecessor PAX. PAX2 became less by 25% and lighter by 10%.

PAX 2 has a portable and very neat design, carry it anywhere with you in the paddock and use it while driving!

Thanks to the longer battery life and the battery capacity increased by 30%, use your PAX 2 even longer for a long time.

PAX 2 has a convenient magnetic USB charging, for charging it is enough to bring the PAX to a special dock, and it will neatly magnetize to the charging contacts. Now the evaporation chamber has become vertical and deeper, due to this there is an even warming up.

There are four temperature modes:
- 182 degrees Celsius, which will be marked on the body with a luminous petal,
- 193 degrees Celsius, in this case, two petals will glow,
- 204 degrees will be marked with light three petals on the body, the highest temperature is 216 degrees, 4 petals will glow.

PAX 2 has a processor that provides a uniform heating of your substance, as well as a gyro sensor and itself goes into sleep mode when you do not touch it. Management Paks 2 is carried out with just one button and moving it in space.

PAX 2 is a style icon among modern portable vaporayzerov, many manufacturers are looking at PAX 2 in the production of their models.

Attention vaporayzer is not an electronic cigarette, vaporizer creates steam from tobacco and dried herbs (chamomile, melissa, etc.)

We provide a guarantee of 12 months for a marriage for PAX 2 vaporisers.

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