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Hookah Khalil Mamoon Double Kamanja ↕85 cm

3,200 ₽
  • Brand: Khalil Mamoon
  • Product Code: Кальян
  • Availability: In Stock

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The line of Egyptian hookahs, which Khalil Mamoon delivers to the Russian market, has significantly expanded over the past few years. Khalil Mamoon Double Kamanja is a veteran who survived many models that have not found their buyer. Hookah huge popularity is due to its unusual appearance, which can decorate any interior: from the apartment and to the hookah or restaurant.

Prefabricated cast mine with increased to 15 mm. The hole diameter, made of stainless steel and brass, ensures that with minimal effort you will get a delicious, aromatic and thick smoke! The quality of the soldering and execution of all elements is above all praise, which undoubtedly has a very good effect on the tightness! And it is not surprising - every hookah from beginning to end is made manually by craftsmen with many years of experience. The mine of the calna is decorated with interesting patterns, made with great care. You will never find two identical Double Kamanja.

Together with the mine, an original glass flask with an impressive wall thickness is supplied.

Characteristics of Khalil Mamoon Double Kamanja:

• Country of origin: Egypt

• Height: 85 cm

• Hose length: 165

• Diameter of the neck of the bulb: 40 mm

• Mine diameter: 35 mm

• Material of the bulb: glass

• Mine material: brass + stainless steel

• Number of hoses: 1

• Connection type with bulb: compound

• Cup type: external

Package Contents Khalil Mamoon Double Kamanja:

• Glass Flask

• Brass Mine

• Saucer

• Set of seals (flask / shaft, hose, cup)

• Technical packaging

Hose and bowl are sold separately

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