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Hookah Khalil Mamoon Double Decker Ice Pot ↕96 cm

3,200 ₽
  • Brand: Khalil Mamoon
  • Product Code: Кальян
  • Availability: In Stock

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A real Egyptian hookah from Khalil Maamooon at the lowest price. It has long been known that the best hookahs are hookahs made by hand and with love. Khalil Mamoon can be found on the window of any hookah shop, it is connected with universal world recognition. Only the highest quality materials and only eastern forms are used in the production of the original Khalil Mamoon

The material of the shaft is made of a brass alloy, this does not allow the hookah to rot and rust. Also, brass minimally absorbs odors and scents, which is important when choosing a hookah. Mamoon Hookahs are solid and do not have any component parts, which is why such tightness and reliability are caused. The cup is always external, so you will not find any problems in its selection. Hookah Khalil Mamoon Double Decker has a reservoir for that you can fill and enjoy a cold hookah smoking.

Specifications Khalil Mamoon Double Decker Ice Pot:

• Country of origin: Egypt

• Height: 96 cm

• Diameter of the neck of the bulb: 40 mm

• Mine diameter: 35 mm

• Material of the bulb: glass

• Mine material: brass

• Number of hoses: 1

• Connection type with bulb: compound

Package Contents Khalil Mamoon Double Decker Ice Pot:

• Glass Flask

• Brass Mine

• Saucer

• Set of seals (flask / shaft, hose, cup)

• Technical packaging

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