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Hookah BOX

Hookah BOX  White ↕15 cm

Hookah BOX White ↕15 cm

3,990 ₽

Designer hookahs Hookah BOX White from acrylic from the manufacturer #hookah_boxHookahs of futuristic shape, made of plexiglass (acrylic).The design is very different from the classical view of the hookah. It is equipped with a silicone cup, silicone hose and Kaloud Lotus.100% taste, light draft (at..

Hookah BOX ↕15 cm

Hookah BOX ↕15 cm

3,490 ₽

Hookah made of organic glass with excellent draft and perfect taste. Hookah Box is made in the form of a cube, has a built-in shaft and a small size. Since org glass is very difficult to break, hookah is durable, while having a low price.A huge plus is a small size, with a light and silent traction...

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