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Figaro Aladdin ↕45 сm

9,500 ₽
  • Brand: Figaro
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The FIGARO ALADDIN glass hookah is completely made by hand from high quality borosilicate glass. Supplied in an aluminum case complete with a silicone tube. Hookah is designed for individual use.

FIGARO hookah does not use metal or rubber compounds. Everything is collected on glass lapping.

Company FigaroHookah in the market of hookah industry since 2013 and had time to prove itself and to pay general attention. All Fiaro models stand out with their screw shaft, it was the first glass hookah with a twisted glass shaft. The spiral gives the hookah an optimum height, without losing the smoking properties of the high hookah. After all, if you stretch the spiral, then the height of the hookah Figaro Alladin and Figaro Helix will reach 1 meter. The main feature of the FigaroHookah hookahs is the presence of an aluminum case for carrying and storing hookah.

Characteristics of the Figaro Aladdin:

• diameter of the hole for the mine 32/29

• diameter of the ports 19 / 14mm

• Wall thickness of about 4 mm

A very wide classical base and a full-fledged place under the illumination

• Mine - the total length is about 1 meter, the spiral is twisted 80 cm. The inner diameter is about 14 mm, this length gives additional cooling of the smoke and clears it of large particles of coal and precipitates excess vapors and resins

Hookah Figaro Aladdin equipment:

• Total height 45 cm

• bulb - height 22 cm

• mine - the total length is about 1 meter

• Hose port

• Valve + Connector

• silicone tube

• mouthpiece

• Glass bowl for tobacco

• Included full color LED backlight for 10 LEDs with IR remote control

• Aluminum case.

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