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7 Star Hookah Simple ↕75 cm

7,000 ₽
  • Brand: 7 Star Hookah
  • Product Code: Кальян
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Hookah 7 Star Hookah Simple is made entirely of stainless steel. As you know, this is the most valuable material in the hookah industry. It is not oxidized and works great for a long time. Stainless steel hookahs do not require additional care and are durable in use.

Simple has a collapsible shaft, therefore it is compact enough and convenient in transportation. A transparent flask will make your hookah ceremony even more cozy if you add a cocktail of fruits and berries to it. Additionally in the kit there is a diffuser at the end of the shaft. He performs two roles: makes traction more severe, classical (if you like light traction, then just remove the diffuser) and reduces the noise of the hookah when smoking

Complete set of hookah 7 Star Hookah Simple:

Mine (stainless steel)

Glass Flask

Silicone hose

Clay cup



Height: 75 cm

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