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Fabula Temple 45 LitePro + case ↕53 сm

4,690 ₽
  • Brand: Fabula
  • Product Code: Кальян
  • Availability: In Stock

Tags: Hookah, Shisha Mine, Fabula, buy Fabula, buy hookah, Fabula Hookah

One of the most original and interesting designer glass hookahs - Fabula Temple 45 LitePro (Fabula Temple 45 amphora). Recently, this type of glass hookah has gained immense popularity.

Fabula Temple 45 features remarkable characteristics for traction, cooling, taste. It also looks great due to the backlight installed on the bottom of the bulb. The content of the flask, chosen at your discretion, gives the whole hookah an amazing and unique shade.

The height of the hookah is 53 cm with a cup and 45 cm without a cup. The joints of this hookah are made on lapping. At the bottom of the bulb of this hookah is set a multi-colored illumination thanks to this, your hookah will be not only tasty, but unforgettable

Inventory for 4690 rubles!

 - Carrying bag (made just for this hookah)

 - Glass bulb (on lapping)

 - Glass shaft (on lapping)

 - Silicone hose

 - Adapter for hose (on lapping)

 - Glass mouthpiece

 - Backlight with remote control + battery pack

 - Glass bowl (on lapping)

 - Glass saucer

 - Glass valve for back blowdown (on lapping, with glass ball)

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