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Hookah CWP Shifter - a unique offer from the company Custom Water Pipe. Glass hookah in the form of an original doll with bright LED backlight and remote control panel. Like all CWP has a built-in bowl of glass Simax, which perfectly conveys the taste of tobacco products. The bowl has good smoking properties and can serve you forever. The mine also has a silicone diffuser that absorbs the sound of gurgling.

 Buying hookahs Custom Water Pipe you get the final product, only it remains to add tobacco and coal. The hookah equipment is maximal and has a beautiful gift box.

CWP use only the best quality accessories and materials in its assortment. The hose is made of thick silicone and does not bend when used. In addition, you can buy the adapter for a fruit or a standard cup!

 The highest quality of all components:

Thick borosilicate glass,

Anodized aluminum, stainless steel and silicone.

Height: 33 cm;

Diameter: 11 cm

Hose: 1.8 m

Backlight 3 x AAA Batteries

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