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50 Clouds X1 ↕50 сm

8,490 ₽
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The peculiarity of the model 50 Clouds X1 in a thoughtful combination of the advantages of the best samples of glass hookahs and practicality of traditional metal hookahs. Hookah looks expensive thanks to a combination of black and soft golden colors, thick glass and lack of design compromises typical of ordinary glass hookahs: in the 50 Clouds X1 shisha you will not find either a fragile glass saucer, an unreliable glass mouthpiece, no sticky valve, no brittle glass ports.

The flask is made of thick (from 3mm to 6mm) borosilicate glass. Flat ground ground completely eliminates slipping or reeling when mounted on a table. The flask has a hole for the installation of lighting.

The shaft is connected to the bulb by means of grinding the increased diameter. The X1 has built-in ports for hose and valve making it more durable. The built-in port is almost impossible to break or break.

A unique solution in the design was the use of a metal saucer, which is securely fixed on a camel from a hard, heat-resistant silicone. This arrangement will be convenient for amateurs and professional hookahs.

Very much attention is paid to small things:

- A silicone inset on the shaft with a logo adds a hookah of recognizability, but also facilitates a convenient removal and installation, as it does not slip in the hands.

- Two-color black-gold decal decorates the base of the bulb.

- The valve works easily and stably.

- The anodized mouthpiece is completely identical in shape to the mouthpieces of the Fenix ​​Pro series.

- The silicone hose has a matte anti-static surface.

- Reliable silicone seals for ports.

Complete set of hookah 50 Clouds X1:

- Flask

- Mine on the lapping

- Saucer metal

- silicone hose Fenix ​​Pro

- Valve

- Gift wrap

- Set of seals

- Hookah height 50 cm

- Diameter of the bottom of the flask is 17 cm

- Hose length 160 cm

- The length of the mouthpiece is 30 cm.

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