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Hoob Apex ↕67 cm

11,950 ₽
  • Brand: Hoob Hookahs
  • Product Code: Кальян
  • Availability: In Stock

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The updated Hoob Apex model from HoobHookahs company appeared on our shelves. The new Apex model differs from the previous one by the number of ports, with 4x reduced to 2x. Accordingly, the price has become even more affordable, and the hookah is more concise.

The hookah mine is made of anodized aluminum, and the central tube is made of stainless steel. The height of the mine is 67 cm. The quality of materials and style of hookah will suit everyone. The company HoobHookahs carefully thought out and made the perfect product.

A comfortable saucer will protect your floor from falling coal and ash perfectly. It does not leave traces of coal and Kalouda.

Hookah is shipped in a folded form in a beautiful gift box.

- Standard flasks are used on the rubber seal.

- Durable materials without harmful coatings.

Please note that the price includes only the mine and for the complete set you need to choose a flask, bowl, mouthpiece

Characteristics of the mine

Height: 67cm;

Central tube: Ø13mm;

Outlets for the hose: Ø10mm;

Landing hole of the bulb: Ø45-47mm;

Decorative insert made of solid wood Wenge;

Magnetic Hose Port

Purge valve with integrated mouthpiece holder

Adjustable Diffuser

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