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CWP RAZOR (Shaft) ↕65 cm

17,390 ₽
  • Brand: CWP
  • Product Code: Кальян
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Modern design and the best materials were used in the creation of RAZOR. Quality can be envied by manufacturers such as Regal andStarbuzz, which are more expensive than the CWP mine. The advantage of hookah is passivation, which prevents oxidation and rust of the mine.

The saucer saucer is made of a heat-resistant alloy and has a mesh, so that the coal does not cool down on it.

The aluminum that is used in the mine is passivated, thus it does not react with the environment at all. The mine is monolithic, has no removable parts, therefore it is absolutely hermetic.

Brand Custom Water Pipe exists since 2009 and managed to perfectly recommend how perfect stainless steel hookahs. At the moment, the company has produced the first metal mine, the demand for which is growing every day.

The highest quality of all components:

- Height: 65 cm

- Connection with a bulb: 38 mm

- Shaft weight: 1.5 kg

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