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Designer hookah Wookah Iroko ↕64 cm

Designer hookah Wookah Iroko ↕64 cm

17,990 ₽

Hookah from the Polish manufacturer Wookah is made of a unique Iroko tree. Wood of this sort is very valuable and has a unique pattern whose color varies from light to dark brown. The tree is very dense, resistant to damage and moisture. Such a mine is not even subjected to additional treatment with..

Designer hookah Wookah Oak (Oak) ↕64 cm

Designer hookah Wookah Oak (Oak) ↕64 cm

16,990 ₽

Hookah Wookah Oak is made from a natural oak tree. The wood is treated with a secret composition that increases its wear resistance and moisture resistance, the dyes in this composition are not included. The main "chip" hookah Wookah is the breed of trees from which it is made. Oak wood can be brown..

Designer hookah Wookah Teak ↕64 cm

Designer hookah Wookah Teak ↕64 cm

19,990 ₽

The most popular hookah from the entire line of Wookah is the Teak model. It is made of the Tika wood, one of the most difficult to process. Tika wood has tannin and silicon acid, this is one of the distinctive features that makes the breed the most durable and resistant. The color is variated from ..

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